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born in 1986 in the United Arab Emirates, from Abu Dhabi The head of the engineering department and the only Emirati with the rank of chief engineer in the country for diesel engines. have a chief engineer certificate for diesel engines, steam turbines, and boilers (64 bar) with more than 29 thousand hours of work experience over 16 years in the engineering field. I was nominated by Sharjah government among the top three influencers Social media in the UAE, presenter of programs, and content creator to raise the culture of safety in society, founder of a production company with many works with television channels, governments, and private departments. When practical work experience crosses the media talent, the limits of creativity are removed.

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My engineering experiences

Chief Engineer

Head of the engines department responsible for fuel economy, maintenance, safe and efficient operation of engines, turbines and machines within a professional mechanism to manage maintenance under international regulations with the best industrial practices and the highest safety standards.

Second engineer

Member of the Senior Management of Engineers responsible to implement the company's policy in terms of health, safety and environment, implementing it with a safety culture with full coverage to study and evaluate risks and operational requirements of the energy efficiency management plan.

Third engineer

Maintaining and monitoring all diesel generators, turbine generators, shaft generators under professional plan maintenance, and carrying out testing and treatment of oils and water to ensure the required international standards.

Fourth engineer

Maintenance and testing of safety devices and fire extinguishers to ensure their readiness, and to arrange requests for the necessary spare parts, fuel and oil refueling operations for engines.


Planned maintenance within the latest national/international regulations and reporting the status of machines with records, carrying out necessary water tests, checking and maintenance of fire and safety equipment.

Safety officer

Covering large projects with high responsibilities to ensure the secure and safe work within high requirements and standards of safety.

Electrical, Electronic & Control Engineer 

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  • 2004
    Studying in UK The beginning of my career education in UK
  • 2006
    Beginning of media talent Photography, programming, and design of websites and forums
  • 2008
    Graduation Graduated from STSC British College with two majors: diesel engines and steam turbines with third engineer COC certificate
  • 2008
    Engineer at ADNOC-NGSCO Beginning of my career as engineer at ADNOC-NGSCO
  • 2009
    Fourth engineer rank Promoted to fourth engineer rank
  • 2011
    Third engineer rank  Promoted to third engineer rank
  • 2012
    Second engineer certificate – management Obtained a second engineer certificate under international standards and requirements and second engineer COC from Jordan Maritime Academy
  • 2015
    Safety officer Cover projects in Dry Dock Dubai as safety officer
  • 2016
    Second engineer rank - Promoted to a second engineer rank - Senior engineer Management level
  • 2016
    Chief Engineer Certificate Obtained a chief engineer certificate, which is the highest engineer certificate of marine engineering within international standards and requirements after completing more than 26,000 hours of work and passing the required tests and COC certificate of chief engineer from the Jordan marine academy
  • 2018
    Launch account salemt Launch "salemt" account to promote safety culture and spread awareness to the community
  • 2019
    Acting Chief Engineer – Head of engine department Promoted to acting Chief Engineer rank which is highest rank in marine engineering - Top management level
  • 2019
    Establish jumpcut filmmakers Company Founder of Jumpcut Filmmakers Company for Film and TV Production
  • 2020
    Chief Engineer Promoted to Chief Engineer rank
  • 2020
    Joining Adnoc Gas Processing Sorry, this entry is only available in Arabic.
  • 2021
    (العربية) أدنوك للامداد والخدمات Sorry, this entry is only available in Arabic.
  • 2022
    (العربية) ومازالت حكاية الطموح مستمرة ……
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